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Intellectual Property – Digital and Media

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Digital and media law, content takedown, reputation, defamation, privacy, brand disparagement, advertising law, press, media and internet law, commercial communication law

Copyright, patents (tech. and IT), designs and models, trademarks, labeling: advice, assistance in drafting contracts and in litigation on validity, ownership and infringement, related issues of unfair competition and parasitism


IT law, assistance in drafting and negotiating IT contracts, litigation management, support for web 3.0 projects (NFT, crypto) and GDPR compliance


Avocap offices ISO AFAQ 9001 – Servers and IT suites ISO 27001 – GDPR compliant

Pierre de Roquefeuil is a lawyer at the Paris Bar, specializing in intellectual property and digital law – He has practiced at the Paris Bar since 2010 in litigation after having accompanied industrial groups in business law from 2001 to 2009 He dispenses INPI consultations.

Specializations approved by the National Bar Council

His firm, located in the heart of Paris, brings together specialized skills to assist his clients in the defense of their interests, through:

  • Assistance in the management of disputes and the search for amicable solutions
  • The study of procedural options for criminal, commercial and civil litigation, and assistance and representation before national or European Union courts and bodies
  • Advice and assistance when drafting contracts

Our services

Digital and media:

Communication law issues – Withdrawal of content, defense of the reputation or privacy of individuals (defamation, fake news, personal data, etc.) and brands (disparagement).

invention patents

Intellectual property law

(copyright, trademark, patent, design and model):

Assistance in the management of intellectual property, the drafting of contracts and prosecution and defense in matters of counterfeiting, litigation of ownership and validity, opposition (copyright, trademarks, IGP, PDO, patents, designs and models, parasitism, unfair competition)

IT law:

Advice, transfer, license and maintenance contracts, facilities management, litigation – Crisis management assistance (litigation and insurance appeals) in the event of breaches of systems or contractual breaches.

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