Web 3.0 projects organise the web in a decentralised way to allow reliable recording of transactions and less impact from traditional intermediaries.

The audit of the blockchain project will cover :

  • Contracts relating to the technical aspects of the register
  • The data that will be manipulated by the registries (NFT, cryptos...): copyright issues, financial regulations, personal data regulations, consumer law



Assistance and representation services for: Provision excl. VAT excluding costs and disbursements
Analysis and qualification of IT project, legal design 3500
Sector study 4900
Roadmap writing 3500
Appeals and lobbying authorities 3500
Contract drafting 3500
Analysis and qualification of a web project 4500
Drafting of a hosting, outsourcing contract 2900
Security assurance plan drafting 3900
Contractual action against the co-contractor 4900
Complaint before the prosecutor or dean of the investigating judges, computer crimes 4900
Computer disaster assessment coordination 1200
Internal investigation  6500



What legal precautions for my web 3.0 project? The intellectual property lawyer in Paris responds

I consult my specialist web 3.0 lawyer upstream, whether it is an NFT, virtual universe, blockchain or crypto project, so that he can tell me what is feasible / not feasible / studyable, the remedies and precautions to take with the administrations, the contracts to be put in place.

Are there any risks of criminal prosecution regarding my web 3.0 project?

Yes, if I misqualified my project, in particular with regard to the fight against money laundering, financial law, counterfeiting, identity theft.





The web 3.0 dream

The web 3.0 dream

We knew Web 1.0 then Web 2.0, it is now the turn of Web 3.0 to make its appearance. It designates a decentralized version of the internet that is about blockchain and decentralization. While Web 2.0 has conquered us with its progress...