Design law

Industrial property and the decorative arts

Be assisted by a lawyer specializing in design and model law in Paris, for your ownership, infringement, opposition and validity disputes.

Assistance and representation services for:

Provision excluding tax and disbursements for application, formalities, expertise, incidents, negotiations, sector studies.

Analysis and qualification of intellectual property development or management projects, legal design 2200
Action for infringement of designs 4900
Infringement seizure procedure on request 2900
Procedure for claiming, validity of intellectual property title 7400
Action in unfair competition by parasitism, confusion, imitation 7400
Contractual liability procedure 7400
Action in unfair competition by disorganization, poaching, diversion of customers 7400
Liability proceedings against a host 2900
Procedure for infringement of website or software 4900
Coordination of the filing of the title of the prior art search and the expertise, the investigation 1200
Drafting of contract of assignment or license of design or model 2400

The firm assists you on design and model issues, in particular on litigation, management and assistance in drafting contracts (license, assignment, development). He coordinates filing and prior art search services. 

The registration of a product design or model in the national or community design and model register provides protection for 5 years, renewable up to 25 years, against copying.

In terms of fees, the provisions are indicated by way of example, and do not include the specific services in the file. For a more detailed assessment, when it is possible, it remains essential to approach the file through prior discussions.

The registration of a design or model, renewable every five years up to 25 years, makes it possible to prove anteriority and to establish a style, it is not limited by the designation of products or services.

The model can relate to all kinds of shapes, store fixtures, car bodies, design objects, blueprints.

It highlights a style, a brand, a product.

The firm assists you in the following steps:

Filing of designs and models before the competent offices (coordination of prior art searches and filing)

Designs and models:

– Representation in litigation

– Conducting prior art searches among designs and models

– Submission of customs surveillance files

– Filing of designs and models with the competent offices (INPI, OHMI, WIPO)