Invention patent law

industrial property

Be assisted by a patent lawyer in Paris for your infringement, ownership, opposition, forfeiture, validity, employee inventions disputes.


Assistance and representation services for:

Provision excl. VAT excluding costs and disbursements 

Analysis and qualification of intellectual property development or management projects, legal design 2200
Patent infringement action 4900
Infringement seizure procedure on request 2900
Procedure for claiming, validity of intellectual property title 7400
Action in unfair competition by parasitism, confusion, imitation 7400
Contractual liability procedure 7400
Action in unfair competition by disorganization, poaching, diversion of customers 7400
Coordination of title filing (trademarks, designs, models, patents, copyright), prior art search and expertise, investigation 1200
Drafting of assignment or patent license agreement 2400
Drafting of research and development contract 4200
Drafting of confidentiality agreement 1200
Drafting of framework negotiation and exclusivity agreement 1200
Drafting of memorandum of understanding 1200
Drafting of industrial partnership contract 4900
Franchise and know-how license agreement 6200


The firm assists you on patent issues, in particular on litigation, management and assistance in drafting contracts (license, assignment, R&D development, transfer of know-how, confidentiality agreement). He coordinates filing and prior art search services.

It assists inventors in the declaration of their invention (employee invention), clarification of the system applicable to them, amicable negotiation in the event of a claim, assistance before the national commission or the request for an expert opinion.

In terms of management, he assists companies in the establishment and use of their inventory, the legal assessment of the patent according to the operation envisaged, the portfolio policy.

In terms of fees, the provisions are indicated by way of example, and do not include the specific services in the file. For a more detailed assessment, when it is possible, it remains essential to approach the file through prior discussions.

The patent (in which territories?) must be of high quality (12,000 euros for the drafting, maintenance of a standard family over 20 years: let's say 500,000), with a sufficient description, retaining the know-how may be counter- productive. 

In France, the patent is an industrial property title which prevents the exploitation of a process by a third party, for an average duration of 20 years. A patent is only valid in the country in which it was filed, but there are procedures to enforce it in other countries. These procedures are radically different from a trademark registration or the concept of copyright. 

The firm can assist you when disputes arise during the filing of patents and its exploitation: 

– It is complex to give international validity to a patent; 

– A patent can be challenged by a third party (similarity, filing of an invention already patented, procedural defect, etc.); 

– The legal term of protection granted to the patent is coming to an end; 

– A third party is suspected of infringement actions. 

– An invention may also have been developed by several people, requiring a patent co-ownership contract. 

– An employee can file a patent and not receive financial compensation from his manager. 

The legal evaluation of the patent makes it possible to value, within the framework of a global analysis, the intellectual property asset and to negotiate it more finely a portfolio according to the context (transfer, liquidation, merger, licensing, etc.)

Patent filings (in coordination), license and co-ownership contracts, claims actions

– Actions for infringement or claiming patents

– Negotiation and drafting of license agreements and patent co-ownership regulations,

– Advice and assistance in filing a patent