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"How much, for how long, for what, with whom? Some clues.


How much?

The cost of litigation, if you prefer it to a settlement,

depending on whether or not you are looking at the principles.

(US Litigation: $1 million scale)

EU country litigation: €10,000 to €100,000



How long? :

Scale of 1 to 5 years


Why? Where?

Injunctions, declarations of non-infringement, compensation...

What compensation is at stake before a court in Europe?

*Trademarks and designs: Full European counterfeiting

(Community securities, court of the defendant's country, as a rule) or

national counterfeiting damage (national titles): 10,000/.

scale 100,000 euros

*Patent: National infringement damages: 100,000

/ 200,000 - cross-border injunctions or European damages

may be considered in certain limited cases.


For whom? A large company / a small company?

The large firm will manage multi-country patent actions plus

efficiently, using its network. Small business does not charge network fees

and intervenes in its country, for infringement actions in that country

or, in the case of a debate on the whole trade mark or European design

in the same country when it is the country of origin.

domicile of the defendant.


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