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The firm intervenes in the following questions:

Sexual assaults (rape), homicides, violence,

Medical liability, liability of professionals subject to ethics,

Scams, thefts,

Digital crimes, internet scams, identity theft,

Unauthorized collection of personal data, 

Communication law (press, audiovisual, internet), removal of content on the internet,

Business criminal

Assistance in police custody, hearings and summonses, in the preparation of complaints.

Assistance at hearings, investigative and correctional courts.

Steps :

  • Contact – Retrieval and analysis of the procedure file;
  • Office maintenance;
  • Full of file; Collection of documents and testimonies;
  • Drafting, Assistance at hearings and hearings; Attaches magistrates and clerks.

Communication offences :

- Law of 1881, audiovisual law, LCEN: press, media and internet offences

- Right to be forgotten, protection of privacy, image rights

- Offences related to internet harassment, identity theft

- Brand disparagement, negative reviews, platform regulations, free riding

E-commerce related crimes on the Internet :

- Scams

- Consumer law infringements, misleading advertising

- Infringements related to the non-compliance of e-commerce and blockchain platforms (NFT, Cryptomoney)

Offenses related to the creation of computer and administrative files:

- Unauthorised use of personal data: 1978 Act, RGPD

Learn more about GDPR compliance assistance 

- Access to administrative documents (CADA appeal)



Regulation of porn sites

The ban on minors from pornographic sites will only become effective if reliable technical devices for access control and age certification are developed. ARCOM, the administrative authority for the regulation of communications,...