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(droitfrancechine.org) Fascinating meeting recalling that cyber-fraud is the third financial crime after arms and drug trafficking, and is practiced at an industrial level, in particular by fraudulent international transfers via Hong Kong accounts of Chinese companies (12,000 monthly creations) awakened for the occasion. The place is conducive to money laundering. The “president” scam is a privileged sport, which consists in manipulating the employees of the company to obtain transfers by maneuvers making them believe that it is a question of a legitimate order (from a manager, a supplier). SWIFT may sometimes be reminded to: translate the complaint, use the Registrar of Hong Kong Companies, forward it to the Hong Kong police (online complaint) for issuance of a no consent order addressed to the Hong Kong bank, to accompanied by a lawyer's letter and a detailed statement. Obtain a Mareva (“in personam, under English law applicable in the Commonwealth, in this increasingly “Mandarin” Hong Kong) injunction to freeze assets pending a decision on the merits, and an order for disclosure (Norwish Pharmacal) to obtain statements from the bank. Summon the fraudsters in Hong Kong (short-circuit action) to seek an attachment order in the hands of the bank if the money is still there. These are some of the first steps. (see the film with Vincent Elbaz "I'm counting on you" 2005).

“Scam to the president”: eight arrests in a record scam of 38 million euros (February 17, 2023) 

Cybersecurity, a major concern

2021: DSA – DMA – The new Internet regulation in preparation: remarks on the projects of the European Union

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