Internet communication and media law

Problématique des contenus préjudiciables
Poursuites / Défenses, civiles et pénales

Be assisted by a lawyer specializing in internet law in Paris

– insult, defamation, disputes on social networks, blogs, press, opinion platforms, etc.

– right to be forgotten, protection of personal data, lifting of anonymity

– denigration of brands, unfair competition, misleading advertising

The firm intervenes on the issues of harmful content and the removal of content on the Internet, through amicable actions, or through litigation before the civil, criminal or commercial courts; These are related difficulties:
  • the “law of the press”: defamation, right of reply, presumption of innocence, pluralism of the press, the “law of false news” (fake news), secrecy of sources and criminal procedures
  • respect for privacy, the right to be forgotten, to delisting, to secrecy of correspondence and telecommunications (protection of personal data, lifting of anonymity)
  • disparagement of products or services, unfair competition, trademark protection, consumer law, advertising

Le cabinet intervient pour liciter le contenu par démarche amiable puis contentieuse (recours juridictionnels et administratifs, actions civiles et pénales), auprès des hébergeurs et des auteurs de contenus, en sollicitant la loi de 1881 sur la presse, la loi sur la confiance dans l’économie numérique, le code des télécommunications, le droit des données personnelles, le droit à l’image et à la protection de la vie privée, le droit pénal relatif à la protection de la personnalité, la jurisprudence sur le dénigrement commercial.


Damages for invasion of privacy in the context of sexual assault, the lawyer specialised in media and internet law in Paris answers you

What does the law provide for in cases of invasion of privacy and sexual assault? Article 39 quinquies of the French Freedom of the Press Act of 1881 provides for a special procedure for people who feel they have been the victim of revelations in a newspaper or magazine.

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Assistance and representation services for:

Provision excl. VAT excluding costs and disbursements

Analysis and qualification of communication project, communication company, legal design 2200
Drafting of a right of reply sent to the publishing director of a newspaper or a site 1200
Procedure for refusal of insertion of the right of reply 3200
Defamation or public insult proceedings (prosecution or defense of a person or company implicated) 2900
Interim action for defamation 4900
Denigration proceedings 1900
Procedure invasion of privacy, image rights 2200
Procedure undermining the presumption of innocence 2200
Delisting procedure 2900
Identity theft action 4900
Liability proceedings against the host 3200


In terms of fees, the provisions are indicated by way of example, and do not include the specific services in the file. For a more detailed assessment, when it is possible, it remains essential to approach the file through prior discussions.