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International contracts

The Roquefeuil firm assists you in drafting your international contracts and assists you in negotiating in the event of a dispute, and before international or arbitration chambers

The firm assists you in your negotiations, in particular with regard to the general aspects of the contract, the applicable law and competent jurisdiction clauses, termination, confidentiality, liability and insurance, scope of the obligation, the review of inconsistencies and litigation risks or reinterpretation, with regard to international law, the European Union, professional practices, continental law (tradition of Roman law) or common law.

He assists you in litigation related to your contracts before international and national courts, or before arbitration boards.

The agreements come to organize the partnerships and to secure the phases of talks, research and development, production, supply, license and exploitation, the commercial circuits.

They reflect the development options retained by the company and attempt to balance the weak points specific to such a solution of outsourcing or internalization, transfer, exclusive license or not.

They respect competition constraints and adapt the liability conditions of the partners.

 Freedom of trade and industry, of competition, is the principle. Intellectual rights, which are so many derogatory monopolies to this freedom, are granted more or less sparingly by law, depending on the nature of the rights.

The drafting of the contract calls upon several legal disciplines, in particular the law of obligations, intellectual property, private international law, arbitration law, competition law, insurance law, as well as professional uses of a particular sector of activity.

 IT contracts call for copyright applied to software, a sort of compromise between copyright and industrial law.

Production contracts, consultancy contracts and communication agency contracts incorporate many aspects of copyright.

Commercial contracts organize access to the market, and call, in the technological sectors, on the rules of competition law, distribution, brands (brand licenses).

 The organization contracts come to structure the partnerships in their various forms whether it is downstream towards the customer, or upstream, towards the supplier: contracts of grouping, subcontracting, company, exclusivity, confidentiality, contracts - sales or service framework.

A dynamic management of intellectual property, organized as a profit centre, involves external (licensing out) and internal (licensing in) license agreements, whether within the group or outside.