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IT law

Information technology

Database and blockchain contracts and litigation
Assistance in the negotiation and litigation of IT contracts (development, licence, maintenance, outsourcing)
Assistance with RGPD compliance

Cybercrime, crisis management, assistance in criminal proceedings and contractual remedies

The firm provides support for crisis management and computer disasters. At present, the emphasis is placed, by national and community legislation, on the protection of personal data processed by these systems (GDPR compliance), and on the security of these systems, to prevent them from becoming uncontrollable. , dangerous for companies, or not very respectful of freedoms and privacy. Many offenses are specific to IT: intrusions into systems, blockages, usurpations, etc., which give rise to both contractual recourse against service providers who fail in the performance of their contractual obligations in terms of the reliability of information systems, and criminal actions (or defenses to these actions) against the perpetrators of the offences, when they have been able to be identified.



Assistance and representation before all judicial or arbitration tribunals, CNIL, ARCEP, etc.




In IT litigation, the firm assists you before the commercial and civil courts in the event of contractual breaches of any kind, including intellectual property aspects, giving priority to the transactional approach (IT development and software and database licensing/assignment contracts, maintenance or outsourcing contracts).

In terms of fees, the provisions are indicated by way of example, and do not include the specific services in the file. For a more detailed assessment, when it is possible, it remains essential to approach the file through prior discussions.


Assistance and representation services for:Provision excluding tax and disbursements for application, formalities, expertise, incidents, negotiations, sector studies.
Analysis and qualification of IT project, legal design2200
Annual mission of Data Protection Officer3500
Drafting of the IT security charter, adaptation of the employment contract3500
Drafting of privacy charter1500
Drafting of internet legal notices relating to cookies2200
Analysis and qualification of a web project2200
Drafting of a hosting, outsourcing contract2900
Security assurance plan drafting3900
Drafting / Review of software development contract3200
Drafting / Review of transfer or software license agreement3200
Contractual action against the co-contractor4900
Prosecution / defense in the context of an action relating to the protection of personal data4900
Complaint before the prosecutor or dean of the investigating judges, computer crimes1200
Coordination of expertise1200
Internal investigation for the purpose of establishing the processing register and collecting documentation (IT and freedoms audit)6500
Analysis of treatments and operational recommendations3500
Impact analysis and CNIL support3500
Writing crisis management procedure2200
Computer risk insurance policy review2200