IT contracts



Assistance and representation services for: Provision excl. VAT excluding costs and disbursements
Analysis and qualification of IT project, legal design 2200
Analysis and qualification of a web project 2200
Drafting of a hosting, outsourcing contract 2900
Drafting / Review of software development contract 3200
Drafting / Review of transfer or software license agreement 3200
Drafting / Review of escrow, maintenance contract 3200
Contractual action against the co-contractor 4900
Prosecution / defense in the context of an action relating to the protection of personal data 4900
Drafting / Review of a web development and brand license agreement 2200


The firm has expertise in copyright applied to industry and IT, in assistance with the negotiation and drafting of industrial, technological and IT contracts. These may be contracts related to project development, technology and software licenses, computer maintenance, outsourcing.

International contracts

Personal Data Protection, GDPR Compliance, Cybersecurity, Crisis Management


IT contract and agile method

The agile method, described in the "Agile Manifesto", is sparkling computing, or dancing, where you don't bother too much with plans, documentation, tests, negotiations, you develop live and we see if it works. It's computer science...