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The Justice Bill (Orientation and Programming of the Ministry of Justice 2023-2027)  includes a title dedicated to the simplification and modernization of criminal procedure.

In terms of organized crime and delinquency, there are already many means of investigation described by the code of criminal procedure. The installation of microphones, cameras and GPS beacons may prove to be insufficient, and it is envisaged the possibility of remotely activating an electronic device of the defendant (for example, his mobile phone) to access his location (bill, art. 3, 12° and 13°) or capture his image or his words ( bill, art. 3, 17° to 19°), with judicial authorization from the liberties judge in investigation or from the investigating judge. 

For activation for geolocation purposes, it is reserved for crimes and misdemeanors referred to in Articles 706-73 or 706-73-1, punishable by at least five years' imprisonment (the condition is three years' imprisonment for real-time geolocation by placing beacons (C. pr. pén., art. 230-32) For activation for the purposes of sound and image capture, the duration would be fifteen days, renewable once (in the investigation phase) and two months renewable up to six months in the investigation phase, which is less than the planned duration for the recordings following the installation of a suitable device (4 months renewable once or up to two years (C. pr. pén., art. 706-95-16)).

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