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The criminal chamber modifies and fixes its jurisprudence:

(excerpt from the Court of Cassation website):

“Apart from the situation in which the characterization of the constituent elements of one of the offenses necessarily excludes the characterization of the constituent elements of the other, one or more identical facts cannot give rise to several concurrent convictions against the same person when the we find ourselves in one of the two following hypotheses: In the first, one of the qualifications, as it results from the incrimination texts, corresponds to a constituent element or an aggravating circumstance of the other, which alone must then be adopted. In the second, one of the qualifications retained, called special, incriminates a particular modality of the reprehensible action sanctioned by the other offense, called general.



Judgment of December 15, 2021 Court of Cassation appeal no. 21-81.864


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