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Be assisted by a lawyer specializing in copyright, in Paris, for your infringement disputes, ownership, contestation of originality, both for the IT sector and for multimedia creations, Internet broadcasts, graphic and pictorial works , photographic, musical.




Assistance and representation services for:

Provision excl. VAT excluding costs and disbursements

Analysis and qualification of intellectual property development or management projects, legal design 2200
Infringement seizure procedure on request 2900
Procedure for claiming an intellectual work 4900
Procedure for claiming, validity of intellectual property title 7400
Action in unfair competition by parasitism, confusion, imitation 7400
Contractual liability procedure 7400
Action in unfair competition by disorganization, poaching, diversion of customers 7400
Copyright Infringement Procedure 4900
Liability proceedings against a host 2900
Procedure for infringement of website or software 4900
Coordination of title filing (trademarks, designs, models, patents, copyright), prior art search and expertise, investigation 1200
Drafting of assignment or copyright license agreement 2400
Drafting of actor / model contract 4200
Drafting of distribution contract 4200
Drafting of research and development contract 4200
Drafting of confidentiality agreement 1200
Drafting of framework negotiation and exclusivity agreement 1200
Drafting of memorandum of understanding 1200
Drafting of gallery contracts and exclusivity of representation 1200
Drafting a sponsorship contract 1200
Drafting of an artistic partnership contract 2400
Drafting of musical or literary publishing contracts 2400
Drafting of production or co-production contract 3900


The firm assists you in the management, negotiation and litigation of artistic property (graphic design, illustration, musical, multimedia, art market) and in the law of shows and events, sports law, often in addition to the issues related to image rights, name rights, trademark and advertising rights,neighboring rights – Regulation of the production and distribution of works.

Rights of streaming sports broadcasts

In terms of fees, the provisions are indicated by way of example, and do not include the specific services in the file. For a more detailed assessment, when it is possible, it remains essential to approach the file through prior discussions.

Gaming law – CNJ recourse

Law n° 2022-296 of March 2, 2022 governs sports betting websites. It amends Law No. 2010-476 of May 12, 2010 relating to the opening up to competition and the regulation of the online gambling sector.

The national platform intended to fight against the manipulation of sports bets is provided for by article L. 335-1 of the sports code and collects and shares useful information in the fight against the manipulation of sports competitions.

The National Gaming Authority (ANJ, formerly Arjel) centralises reports on suspicious bets for the platform.

The ANJ may send a formal notice to an illegal site to cease its activity, as well as to its host. After 5 days, the ANJ may directly order the blocking of the sites concerned to the ISPs, as well as the blocking of the sites advertising illicit betting sites.

Blocking of illicit sites for the streaming of sports competitions

 the law n° 2021-1382 of October 25, 2021 on the regulation and protection of access to cultural works in the digital age modifies the sports code.

Are targeted the retransmission sites and the sites offering hypertext links pointing to these retransmission sites.

Authorized persons can seize the president of the judicial court in summary proceedings or accelerated procedure on the merits (article L333-10-II of the sports code), for withdrawal, blocking or delisting.

ARCOM comes to support the execution of the court order, if necessary, and acts as an intermediary with search engines, ISPs and hosts.

Key point: ARCOM is empowered to compile the evidence file.



How to protect cooking recipes?

The cooking recipe is used by each individual, whether in the family and private setting, or in the professional setting. Images and photographs of gastronomic content invade our daily lives, on television, in the media, in the street...

Judicial reversal on the rights of performers of musical works.

According to article L212-4 of the intellectual property code: "The signing of the contract concluded between an artist-performer and a producer for the production of an audiovisual work constitutes authorization to fix, reproduce and communicate to the public the performance of the performer.
This contract fixes a distinct remuneration for each mode of exploitation of the work. »