Technology contracts

Technological and industrial contracts – Drafting assistance – Dispute management

The Exploitation of Intellectual Property – Industry in Action


Assistance and representation services for:

Provision excl. VAT excluding costs and disbursements

Analysis and qualification of intellectual property development or management projects, legal design 2200
Patent infringement action 4900
Infringement seizure procedure on request 2900
Procedure for claiming, validity of intellectual property title 7400
Action in unfair competition by parasitism, confusion, imitation 7400
Contractual liability procedure 7400
Action in unfair competition by disorganization, poaching, diversion of customers 7400
Coordination of title filing (trademarks, designs, models, patents, copyright), prior art search and expertise, investigation 1200
Drafting of assignment or patent license agreement 2400
Drafting of research and development contract 4200
Drafting of confidentiality agreement 1200
Drafting of framework negotiation and exclusivity agreement 1200
Drafting of memorandum of understanding 1200
Drafting of industrial partnership contract 4900
Franchise and know-how license agreement 6200



The firm assists you in drafting your international contracts and in the related management of your intellectual property (license, assignment, R&D development, transfer of know-how, confidentiality agreement).

He coordinates filing and prior art search services with the experts and industrial property attorneys attached to the intellectual property offices.

He assists you in litigation related to your contracts before international and national courts.



  • R&D and technology licensing contracts
  • Negotiation and confidentiality framework contracts
  • Contract and insurance litigation
  • Contractual architectures for industrial projects
  • Joint-venture, master-franchise, direct franchise
  • Multi-jurisdictional international trade litigation and arbitration
  • Advice, drafting and negotiation of international contracts
  • Establishment of international distribution networks and channels

The firm accompanies you in the establishment of structures adapted to your project, the conclusion of partnerships: 

Group contracts, consortia, joint ventures, joint or joint groupings, subcontracting,

Creation of companies,

Setting up financing, pledge contracts,

confidentiality agreements,  framework agreements negotiation (memorandum of understanding), 

Review business-related insurance programs

Contracts of transfer or  Licence of technology, 

confidentiality agreements, 

Supply contracts strategic, 

Research contracts and development,

IT contracts,

Insurance contracts of responsibility of companies.