Trademark and commercial communication law

Be assisted by a lawyer specializing in trademark law in Paris: oppositions, disputes over ownership, infringement, validity, forfeiture.

The firm intervenes in difficulties related to commercial communication: denigration, advertising, marketing design, parasitism, unfair competition, franchise and distribution network law, trademark infringement, e-commerce, consumption.

Usual office services

The firm helps you

- in setting up the contracts of the internet company, communication contracts, advertising contracts, referencing contracts

– in your trademark law issues

– on issues of disparagement, unfair competition and e-commerce compliance


Actions for unfair competition and parasitism

Drafting Legal notices, T&Cs and T&Cs of websites, software, IT services

Drafting of technical contracts: design, hosting, maintenance, outsourcing

Advice and assistance in negotiating and drafting IT contracts, software, internet, telecom

Assistance and representation before all judicial or arbitration tribunals, CNIL, ARCEP, etc.

Assistance in litigation in computer law and advertising law, consumer law

Litigation: third-party image use, misleading practices, comparative advertising

Drafting of competition rules, implementation of advertising management contracts

Drafting CGV, CGU and legal notices for websites, software, IT services

Assistance in setting up sponsorship contracts and partnerships



The firm handles trademark and distribution network litigation, at the national, Community and international levels, either before the relevant offices and administrations during the registration phase, or before the courts in the event of claims, invalidity or infringement actions.

In trademark law, the firm intervenes

- in the provision and coordination of national, international or Community trademark applications and in prior art searches

- in the evaluation of your trademarks, or in the appropriateness of trademark applications

– in the management and drafting of agreements related to trademarks, domain names, designations, indications, labels, distribution and franchising, advertising, consumption, competition

What is a brand?

A trademark is a sign registered (reserved) in the trademark register by a proprietor for the goods and services it designates, in a given territory, valid for 10 years and renewable.

It allows the capitalisation of a reputation: if the product or service is good, the buyer will be favourably disposed towards the brand under which the product is sold. Renewable indefinitely, the brand aggregates prestige and durability of income.

It makes it possible to identify know-how and quality, for example through labelling processes, in addition to the application of designations of origin and geographical indications.

It is transferable or licensable, in particular in the context of franchise or distribution agreements.

Difficulties in trade mark law may arise from conflicts between trade marks, or with domain names or other signs, such as the name, trade name, company names, appellations and signs, a Community trade mark, a foreign trade mark.

Trademark disputes often involve distribution and franchise networks and raise competition disputes. The firm manages related commercial disputes.

Brand disparagement may involve the rules of unfair competition, parasitism, consumer law or defamation (see the "communication law" tab).


The right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal

En l What is it, How long can it be exercised? The right of withdrawal of the European Union in distance selling to the consumer falls under a...

In terms of fees, the provisions are given as an example and do not include services specific to the case. For a more detailed evaluation, when it is possible, it is essential to approach the case through prior discussions.

Assistance and representation services for : Provision excl. VAT excluding costs and disbursements
Analysis and qualification of intellectual property development or management projects, legal design 2200

Negotiation, drafting of agreements and registration of contracts (assignment, license, franchise, distribution, transfer, etc.)

Drafting of general terms and conditions of use and sale, website audit, consumer compliance and fairness support, advertising law

Defense of rights: oppositions INPI, OHIM, responses to objections from third parties 2500
Trademark cancellation or revocation action 4900
Trademark infringement action 4900
Infringement seizure procedure on request 2900
Procedure for claiming, validity of intellectual property title 7400
Action in unfair competition by parasitism, confusion, imitation 7400
Contractual liability procedure 7400
Action in unfair competition by disorganization, poaching, diversion of customers 7400
Liability proceedings against a host 2900
Coordination of national, community and international repositories 2400
Coordination of prior art search, expertise and investigation 1200
Litigation relating to a domain name 2500
Assistance in litigation: use of a third party's image or brand, misleading practices, comparative advertising, etc. 2500
Writing contest rules 2800
Implementation of advertising contracts 2800
Assistance in setting up sponsorship contracts and partnerships 2800