« How much, how long, for what, with who ? A few hints.

How much ?

The cost of the litigation, if you prefer it to a transaction,
depending on whether you are regardant or not with the principles.
(US litigation : million dollar scale)
EU country litigation : 10 000 to 100 000 euros

How long ? :

1 to 5 years scale

For what ? Where ?

Injunctions, declarations of non-infringement, indemnification…
What indemnification is at stake before a jurisdiction in Europe ?
*Trademarks and designs : Entire european infringement
prejudice (Communautary titles, court of the defendant’s country, as a rule) or
national infringement prejudice (national titles) : 10 000 /
100 000 euros scale
*Patent : National infringement prejudice : 100 000
/ 200 000 euros scale – cross border injunctions or european prejudices
may be envisaged in some limited cases.

For who ? A big firm /  a little firm ?

The big firm will manage patent multicountries actions more
efficiently, using its network. The little firm does not invoice network costs
and intervenes in its country, for the claims of infringement in this country
or, in the case of a debate about a the whole european trademark or design
infringement prejudice, in this same country when it is the country of
residence of the defendant.